Le Dojo, 22 Bis Bd Stalingrad, 06300 Nice, France


  • Limited FREE Tickets.
  • 3€ Tickets
  • 3€ Tickets at the entrance
  • Payments with CARD ONLY 💳
  • When?

  • 14/10/2022 | 12:00 - 20:00
  • 15/10/2022 | 10:00 - 18:00
  • 16/10/2022 | 10:00 - 18:00
  • NOTE: If you click on the Book Ticket button and you are not redirected to the checkout page, it means the slot you have chosen for that ticket type is sold out. Please choose another time slot. Thank you!


      To attend a Vinokilo event you need to book your ticket in advanced. Remember that your Vintage Lovers ticket is personal, so you have to book one for each person that comes to the event with you. If you are visiting our event in March and beyond you will pay your Vintage Lovers ticket at the checkout and receive your ticket via e-mail.


      On entry, you’ll be given our big Vinokilo tote bag and it’s then all down to you! At all our events you can find high quality vintage with well-known brands from the 60s-00s, sizes from XXS to Plus sizes, unique vintage accessories ALL SOLD PER KILO! Once you’ve filled your bag, take it to the pay station and our friendly team will weigh it and let you know how much you’ve spent so far.


      Share your experience with all the Vinokilo community! You can write a review on our Facebook pages (Vinokilo Experience, Vinokilo Experience Italy, Vinokilo Experience Spain and Vinokilo Experience Germany) or on our TrustPilot page

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    A story about a happy mutual commitment and why we are choosing to move to paid tickets

    When you purchase tickets to our events, your date with vintage becomes official and we reserve your spot. We know you are coming to visit and therefore we can make sure that we have enough clothing options for you to choose from.

    For this reason, from March 1st 2022 you will be able to purchase a ticket for all our events directly on our website for 3€. The ticket price will increase the closer we get to the event date, so make sure you book your ticket as soon as the event is live on our website!

    Although we do have a special deal for you: be among the first 100 event-goers, and get your ticket for FREE with Early Bird tickets!

    We understand that this might be an inconvenience to part of our audience, and for this reason, we will be giving away the first 100 Early Bird tickets for FREE at every event.

    • High-quality vintage clothes sold per kilo

    • Vintage from the best brands and

      the greatest eras

    • We’re refilling clothes all day 

    • Pay cash

      or with card

    • Please wear a mask at all times. If you forgot to bring one, don’t worry, we have plenty to purchase.

    • Remember to keep your distance from anyone outside your household.

    • If you feel unwell, please do not attend the event. Stay home and get well soon!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there toilets or restrooms at the events?
    Yes, at Vinokilo events youusually can find toilets and restrooms.

    Can I bring my dog at the events?
    We at Vinokilo are pet&animal friendly, but whether you can bring your furry friend with you depends on the location.

    Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
    We always recommend our customersto book and buy the tickets for our events online (https://vinokilo.events/).

    Can I bring my old clothes to the events? How does it work?
    If you have clothes you no longer use you can bring them to the event. Depending on the amount donated, we will apply a discount on new purchases of up to 30%.
    The clothes you wish to bring back must meet the following requirements:
    - They must be in good/very good condition;
    - They must be washed;
    - We do not accept underwear or accessories;
    - We do not accept shoes;
    - We do not accept fast-fashion brands (Zara, H&M, Bershka, OVS etc.).

    Depending on the quantity donated, here are the discounts on your purchase:
    - From 1 to 2 kg: 10% discount
    - From 2 to 3 kg: 20% discount
    - More than 3 kg: 30% discount

    Can I pay with cash?
    You can visit your city’s event page and check whether it is labelled “cashless” or not. If so, you can only pay by card. If there is no mention of cashless, you can still pay with cash at that event.

    Do I have to book a ticket for my child?
    No, children up to 12 years olddon’t need tickets and they don’t pay an entrance fee.

    Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept all card payments at the events.

    I booked a ticket for one hour. Can I stay longer?
    The time slot that is written on your ticket is the one in which you can enter the event. Once you entered, you can enjoy our events as long as you wish.

    How can I know more about the Vinokilo community?
    You can find us onFacebook (Vinokilo, Vinokilo Experience, Vinokilo Experience Italia, Vinokilo Experience Germany and Vinokilo Experience Spain), on Instagram(Vinokilo, vinokiloitalia and vinokilospain) and on LinkedIn (Vinokilo).#THENEWNEW Vinokilo (https://vinokilo.com/) is our official website where you can learn all about the Vinokilo community and our online shop.

    How does the clothes pricing work?
    You can choose every kind of item or garment you like and then bring it to the weighing station. There, one of our colleagues weigh your clothes and see how many kilos you have. Depending on that you will know the price that you are going to pay. If the overall weight of your items doesn’t amount to 1 kilo you will pay less, e.g. if the overall weight of your items is 850g, you will pay for 850g.

    There are two kinds of tickets. What is the difference?
    We decide to have two different kinds of tickets. Early Bird Tickets are the first 100 tickets sold for each event and are free, whilst Vintage Lovers Tickets cost 3 EUR.

    What can I get for 1 kilo?
    You can get many unique pieces of vintage andpre-loved clothing and garments such as coats, trench coats, bomber jackets,crazy shirts, jeans, pants, shoes, leather bags, belts and much more.With a kilo of clothes, you can get a full and stunning outfit!

    Where do the clothes come from?
    Our supply chain starts with clothing waste. This waste is then brought to recycling warehouses of which we currently have 35 in our supply chain, located everywhere from Canada toNorway, but mainly in Europe. Our Dutch supplier has trained people to select clothes according to long-refined quality standards which results in him picking ca. 1% of the clothing waste that the 35 recycling companies gather.He then washes, repairs, and hand-folds the selected items before they are sent from Amsterdam to our warehouse in Mainz.

    What are the Covid regulations for the events?
    Currently, for most of our events in Italy the Super Green Pass is required, in Germany most of our events are 3G or just mask events. But, as you know, the regulations are changing, so stay tuned and read the updated information on the events on our Facebook and Instagram pages.