• Göteborg, Sweden



    7 time slots available

  • Lausanne, Schweiz


    Vintage Kilo Sale

    17 time slots available

  • Stuttgart, Deutschland



    4 time slots available

  • Imperia, Italy


    Vintage Kilo Sale

    20 time slots available

  • San vincenzo, Italy



    19 time slots available

  • Oberhausen, Deutschland



    10 time slots available

  • Paris, France



    7 time slots available

  • Dusseldorf , Deutschland



    4 time slots available

  • Bodenheim, Deutschland



    6 time slots available

  • High-quality vintage clothes sold per kilo

  • Vintage from the best brands and

    the greatest eras

  • We’re refilling clothes all day 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change My Ticket Time Slot After Purchase?

We get it, life happens! If you need to switch your ticket's time slot, shoot us an email at support@vinokilo.com. We'll do our best to accommodate your request, ensuring a smooth experience at our pop-up.

I Want to Showcase My Creations at Your Event. How Can I Participate?

We love creativity! If you're eager to display your creations at our event, simply reach out to us at support@vinokilo.com. Our team will guide you through the process and explore the best way to showcase your work while being part of our vibrant community. Let's make it happen!

Are Restrooms Available?

Absolutely! You'll find restrooms at our events for your convenience.

Can I Bring My Dog?

We love furry friends! However, whether pets are allowed depends on the event location. Send an email to support@vinokilo.com to check.

Can I Buy Tickets at the Door?

While you can purchase tickets onsite, we recommend booking them online via our VinoKilo Event Webpage.

Can I Donate Clothes at the Event?

Bring them along! Depending on the quantity, enjoy up to a 20% discount on new purchases. Just ensure they meet our donation criteria listed on the event page.

Do Kids Need Tickets?

Children under 12 get in free—no ticket needed!

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we exclusively accept card payments for purchases.

Can I Stay Longer Than My Ticketed Time?

Once you're in, you're in! Your ticket slot is for entry, but feel free to stay and shop as long as you like.

How Does Pricing Work?

Select your favorites, head to the weighing station, and pay by the kilo. If your haul is under 1 kilo, you'll pay for the exact weight.

What Can I Get for 1 Kilo?

A whole lot of vintage goodness! From coats to shoes, find your perfect ensemble with a kilo of treasures.

Where Do the Clothes Come From?

Our journey starts with clothing waste, carefully curated from recycling warehouses across Europe. Hand-picked, washed, and repaired, each item finds its way to our Mainz warehouse for your perusal.

What is your ticket refund policy?

Our ticket sales are final, and we can't do refunds unless an event was cancelled. However, If you want to change your ticket to another date/time, you can use the original ticket you purchased at your new convenient date/time. If you cannot attend at all, you can also pass your ticket to someone else who would be able to attend! 🧡

What's your policy of return/ refund, an Event Purchase

We always make sure to clearly communicate that our sales are final with visible posters at the cashiers of our events, so we can’t issue any returns or refunds for event purchases.

Moreover, given the nature of our kilo sale events and the vast amount of clothes available, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact origin of each piece. Lastly, our events have fitting rooms and mirrors, and you can simply stay as much as you want at the event to examine your selected items before you purchase them. 🧡