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  • What can you expect?

    What can you expect?

    • 2+ tons of vintage clothing, per kilo no matter which item.
    • Women's and men's fashion from the best decades (50s to 10s)
    • Vintage dresses, crazy shirts, Levi's denim, Adidas, Converse, sportswear and your favorite vintage streetwear.
    • Warm and stylish vintage coats, blazers and jackets
    • Shoes and unique vintage accessories (belts, bags, scarves!)
    • All sizes from XXS to 3XL
    • Give Back Bar: Bring your unwanted clothes and get discounts ♻️
    • Upbeat music, food, drinks and local contributors 🎵
      👉 Varies from event to event. Follow us on Instagram @vinokilo to stay up to date with the event program.
  • Sharing is caring

    Sharing is caring

    With our Give Back Bar donation system, you can bring your old clothes to any Vinokilo event (except in Switzerland and Norway) for a voucher discount of 4€ per kilo donated.

    The items should be in good condition and washed before bringing them to us!

    We do not accept items from fast fashion brands, socks, underwear, children clothes, or accessories. 

    Check out our Instagram @Vinokilo GBB highlight for more information.

  • Ticket FAQ

    Ticket FAQ

    • Can I stay longer than 1 hour?
      The time slot you booked your ticket only indicates when you should enter. After that, you can stay at the event for as long as you'd like!
    • The difference between the free and paid tickets > The free tickets have a limited number, when they are sold out you can still buy the paid ones.
    • Not receiving a QR code > No problem, You can use the email that you received after booking your ticket with the subject (Your Vinokilo Ticket🎟️)
    • All tickets have the same name > No problem, since we activated the multiple ticket option, it is okay if they have the same name. But note that each person should have a ticket.
    • Ticket Cancellation > Send an email to with (Ticket Cancellation) in the subject, and please include your full name, your email, and the reason for cancellation.
    • Changing the date/ time > As long as it's not in the Early Bird time slot (First hour of the event), you can come at another time of your ticket.
    • Ticket Refund Policy > We do not issue any refunds unless the event is canceled.
      If you want to change your ticket to another date/time, you can use the original ticket you purchased at your new convenient date/time. If you cannot attend at all, you can also pass your ticket to someone else who would be able to attend!
  • Ticket Types

    Ticket Types

    1. Early Bird Entry 5€

    • Available online or at the entrance.
    • First slots of the event day only → for a fresh selection and exclusive access for the first hour of the event.

    2. Free Entry 0€

    • Available online ONLY. (Some few events might have free entry tho)
    • Explore for free at all times except in the first slots (Early Birds). While it costs nothing, the treasures may be limited!

    3. Vintage Lover 3€

    • Available online or at the entrance
    • When the free ones are sold out, you can still buy this one!

    4. Priority Ticket 7€

    • Available online or at the entrance.
    • You can come at any day/time preferred.
    • Multiple access any day, any time.
    • No waiting in the queue to enter the event.
    • No waiting in the queue to weigh your purchase at the check-out.

  • High-quality vintage clothes sold per kilo

  • Vintage from the best brands and

    the greatest eras

  • We’re refilling clothes all day


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there toilets or restrooms at the events?
Yes, at Vinokilo events you usually can find toilets and restrooms.

Can I bring my dog at the events?
This depends on the location we have the event at. To see if you can bring your furry friend with you, you can
check that by visiting the event page you're attending, you'll find it in the (Where) section under the event location. However, most of the time we get this information last minute from the venue so it might not be on our webpage. Therefore, send an email to to check the possibility of that.

Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
We always recommend our customers to purchase the tickets for our events online at VinoKilo Event Webpage.
If you buy the ticket at the door you will pay a small additional charge.

Can I bring my old clothes to the events? How does it work?
If you have clothes you no longer use you can bring them to the event. Depending on the amount donated, we will apply a discount on new purchases of up to 4€ voucher discount.
The clothes you wish to bring back must meet the following requirements:
- They must be in good/very good condition;
- They must be washed;
- We do not accept underwear or accessories;
- We do not accept shoes;
- We do not accept fast-fashion brands (Zara, H&M, Bershka, OVS etc.).

IMPORTANT: The Give Back Bar isn't available in Switzerland and Norway.

Do I have to book a ticket for my child?
No, children up to 12 years old don’t need tickets and they don’t pay an entrance fee.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all card payments at the events.

How can I know more about the Vinokilo community?
You can find us on Facebook (Vinokilo Events, Vinokilo Events: Italia, Vinokilo Events: Deutschland, on Instagram (vinokilo, vinokiloitalia, vinokilogermany) and on LinkedIn.

VinoKilo is our official website where you can learn all about our community and our online shop.

How does the clothes pricing work?
You can choose every kind of item or garment you like and then bring it to the weighing station. There, one of our colleagues weigh your clothes and see how many kilos you have. Depending on that you will know the price that you are going to pay. If the overall weight of your items doesn’t amount to 1 kilo you will pay less, e.g. if the overall weight of your items is 850g, you will pay for 850g.

What can I get for 1 kilo?
You can get many unique pieces of vintage and pre-loved clothing and garments such as coats, trench coats, bomber jackets, crazy shirts, jeans, pants, shoes, leather bags, belts and much more. With a kilo of clothes, you can get a full and stunning outfit!

Where do the clothes come from?
Our supply chain starts with clothing waste. This waste is then brought to recycling warehouses of which we currently have 35 in our supply chain, located everywhere from Canada to Norway, but mainly in Europe. Our Dutch supplier has trained people to select clothes according to long-refined quality standards which results in him picking ca. 1% of the clothing waste that the 35 recycling companies gather. He then washes, repairs, and hand-folds the selected items before they are sent from Amsterdam to our warehouse in Mainz.

What is your ticket refund policy?
Our ticket sales are final, and we can't do refunds unless an event was cancelled. However, If you want to change your ticket to another date/time, you can use the original ticket you purchased at your new convenient date/time. If you cannot attend at all, you can also pass your ticket to someone else who would be able to attend! 🧡

What's your policy of return/ refund, an Event Purchase?

We always make sure to clearly communicate that our sales are final with visible posters at the cashiers of our events, so we can’t issue any returns or refunds for event purchases.Moreover, given the nature of our kilo sale events and the vast amount of clothes available, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact origin of each piece. Lastly, our events have fitting rooms and mirrors, and you can simply stay as much as you want at the event to examine your selected items before you purchase them. 🧡